Credit Card Guarantee


GoGoHawaii is dedicated to protecting your credit card security. Your credit card is protected whenever you make a purchase or reservation with our company. If any unauthorized charges appear on your credit card statement within 12 months of your last transaction from GoGoHawaii, report this fraud to your credit card provider and contact us immediately.

Most credit card companies will cover all charges resulting from credit card fraud, or may limit your responsibility to $50, the maximum allowed under the Fair Credit Billing Act. If your credit card provider charges you for unauthorized transactions resulting from a purchase or reservation from GoGoHawaii, we will cover this liability up to $50, so long as certain terms and conditions are met. Our company is committed to making sure you’re covered.

To find more information, read our frequently asked questions.  Here you can learn how to report an unauthorized charge, and find out how soon you can expect your claim to be resolved.

Your credit card information is never stored or kept once a  booking has been made with GoGoHawaii.




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