Napali Snorkel Adventure



7:30 - 11:30 pm
Monday- Sunday (April-Oct)
Duration: 4 hours

**Afternoon 3hr tours available May through September**


    The adventure begins when you leave from the shore of scenic Hanalei Bay and we shuttle you by dingy to your rigid hull inflatable raft which is anchored just offshore. There, you’ll do a “dry-transfer”, stow your gear, grab a seat and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

    Minutes after leaving the bay, the spectacular Napali Coast comes into view and you see why its dramatic cliffs and beaches have enchanted painters, authors and travelers for centuries… and we’re just getting started!

    As we travel down the coast, your crew and Captain entertain your imagination with stories of the Hawaiians who once made this coast their home. From sea-level you really get a feel for the tremendous scale of Napali. Keep an eye out for dolphins, turtles and seabirds which are often seen on our tours.

    Depending on the ocean conditions the day of your raft tour, we’ll stop and snorkel at one of several protected and shallow areas which will be teeming with tropical fish. Fins, goggles (with corrective lenses if you need them), snorkels, and flotation aids are all provided. If you’re new to snorkeling, our crew will be on-hand to provide instruction and pointers so you can get the most from your adventure.

    After you have a chance to snorkel and relax on the Napali Coast, we’ll serve a tasty sandwich lunch before we head back up the coast to Hanalei Bay.


    • Tour of the Napali Coast, marine life and more!
    • Fresh locally made lunch
    • Soft drinks and bottled water
    • All snorkeling equipment and instruction is included
    • We commonly see dolphins, sea turtles, and tons of tropical fish on this tour


      • Sunscreen
      • Swim suit
      • Towel
      • Extra change of clothing
      • Light jacket or sweatshirt
      • Bring your camera in a zip lock bag


      • No children under 6 years old on this tour 
      • Maximum capacity 25 persons


      Food Provided:

      • Turkey Sandwiches on a Ciabatta Bun with Provolone Cheese, Lettuce, Sprouts and Cucumber
      • Vegetable Wrap in Spinach Tortilla with Provolone Cheese, Cucumber, Carrot, Sprouts, Red Bell Perpers and Olives
      • Condiments: Chipotle Mayo, Pesto Cream Cheese, Mustard and Basil Mango Dressing
      • Assorted Chips & Local Kauai Kookies
      • Beverages Include: Bottled Water, Assorted Soft Drinks and Island Juices.

      The Adventurer II & III are super-fast, modern, rigid-hull inflatable boats. Not to be confused with a Zodiac-type rubber raft, they’re made with a channeled fiberglass hull that cuts through the waves. Twin 225hp outboard motors allow for a top speed up to 30 knots!

      The high speed of these rafts, combined with our unique North Shore departure brings the Napali Coast into view just minutes after we leave Hanalei Bay—no one gets to the coast faster.

      A perfect platform for snorkeling, both Adventurer II & III have dive ladders and a fresh water shower. We provide snorkels, masks (with corrective lenses if needed), fins and flotation aids on our Napali Snorkel Adventure. After snorkeling, rinse yourself off with our freshwater shower, grab a soda or water and enjoy the sights.

      These boats are designed for comfort as well as speed and safety.
      *Due to vessel transfers guests should be prepared to wade in the water and be able to assist themselves onto tour vessel. Expect to get some “sea spray” on our high speed raft tours and passing rain showers are not uncommon on the Napali Coast—plan to dress accordingly.

      Humpback Whale Migrations & FUN FACTS:

      Humpback Whale Migrations & FUN FACTS: Humpbacks are named for the arched hump seen just before making a deep dive. Their 15 foot long pectoral fins and powerful tail flukes aid in graceful, powerful underwater maneuvering. Did you know that Adult Females grow larger than Males? (Females grow to 49 to 52 feet and Males grow to 43 to 46 feet) Weight is estimated at 1 ton per foot. Calves are born at about 15 feet long and 2 tons. Humpbacks are baleen filter feeders that may eat up to 3,000 lbs. of krill per day, plus plankton and small fish like herring and capelin. Living off of fat reserves, whales migrate with few or no stops for 6 to 8 weeks at 3 to 7 MPH to tropical/subtropical waters to breed and give birth. Males create and repeat whale songs in the breeding areas while head down. Songs can last over 10-20 minutes and change a little each year. Two thirds of all North Pacific Humpbacks migrate to Hawaii to breed from November to May. Hawaii’s breeding areas provide sheltered waters that are warmer and clearer, with relatively fewer predators, than their feeding areas or the deep open ocean. Threats to humpbacks include ship strikes, marine debris entanglement, illegal hunting, habitat degradation, and pollution. Humpbacks can stay under water for 45 minutes but breathe every 7 to 10 minutes when active. They have 2 blowholes that create exhale spouts of 15 feet high at 300MPH. “Thar she blows!!”



      1. No expectant mothers.
      2. Not recommended for individuals who have or have had back problems, recent injuries or surgeries, or suffer from severe motion sickness (no refunds are given for sea sickness). Seasickness is best prevented with an over the counter remedy.
      3. This is an adventure. Ocean conditions can vary and may turn rough at times. It may not be suitable for some folks (all physically challenged individuals are subject to Captain’s discretion).
      4. If you do not have your prescribed medication with you, i.e. Inhalers, EpiPens, diabetic medication and/or any other medications taken daily, you must reschedule your tour for another day.
      5. All tour routes and destinations are subject to change without notice. Ocean conditions can and will sometimes turn rough. Snorkeling depends on ocean conditions.
      6. Cancelled tours by Holo Holo Charters are fully refundable or gladly rescheduled.
      7. “No shows” or any cancellation of reservations with less than 24-hour notice prior to check-in time is subject to a 100% charge of the total fare including tax.
      8. Children must be at least 6 years old for snorkel tours, 5 years old for non-snorkel tours.
      9. Non-swimmers are not allowed in the water.
      10. All tours are “Bare-Foot”. Passengers will remove their shoes prior to boarding. Only Orthopedic/Diabetic exceptions will be made at Captain’s direction.
      11. You should bring your own towels, sunscreen, a light jacket, and camera. We will provide everything else.
      12. Spray-on/aerosol sunscreen is a safety hazard and may not be used on board the vessel. We encourage using reef-friendly sunscreens.
      13. No smoking of any kind on board the vessel or on the dock.
      14. We do not land on shore.
      15. Do not park at the harbor or pier. Please use Holo Holo parking lot only or your car will be towed.
      16. We are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.
      17. We reserve the right to refuse service.
      18. Drones/unmanned aircraft are not allowed on board the vessel.
      19. Our vessels are equipped with sensitive marine heads (toilets) that will clog if any foreign objects are flushed. If you flush something other than what your body produces and the toilet paper we provide, you may be responsible for the cost of repair.
      20. Alcohol will be served only after snorkeling. If passenger will be consuming alcoholic beverages an ID will be required on the vessel.No coolers allowed on board.
      21. Pacemaker and/or defibrillators are prohibited on all Napali coast tours departing from Port Allen.


      Holo Holo Charters - Hanalei
      5-5134 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI 96714

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